What we do

Having worked almost exclusively with clients in the charity sector since 2004, that is the world we live and breathe. With an in-depth understanding of the sector, we’re here to help you reach and engage charities, trade bodies and community organisations across the UK, Europe and beyond.

Using a broad range of channels, we offer bespoke PR services, content solutions and strategic partnerships to raise your voice and profile, helping you to achieve your goals. Whether you opt for a full PR and media consultancy service or you are looking to promote a particular project or to achieve a set goal, we offer a range of options to meet your needs:

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PR and media consultancy

Our PR and media consultancy services will help you to build brand and profile, establishing your role in the sector, conveying your expertise and promoting the services you offer.  Working with media contacts within and beyond the sector, we also communicate with and through trade and umbrella bodies, ensuring your message reaches decision makers and your target audiences.

  • Profile raising and positioning (thought leadership);
  • Strategic planning;
  • Media relations;
  • Content development and editorial placement;
  • Media monitoring;
  • Day-to-day press office services;
  • Social media planning and delivery;
  • Brand values, tone of voice & messaging; and
  • Crisis communications.

Report and research development

One of the most powerful thought leadership actions is often to give back, offering vital data and insight back to the sector and community you support, while demonstrating your expertise in the field. With our report creation and project management service, we work with you right from concept stage through to information gathering, report writing, production and promotion. Typically, this includes:

  • Helping you identify what data / insight will be most valued to your target audience, what you can offer and how best to shape that offering
  • Creating and managing external research projects – this may be a public poll, industry survey or information gathering from experts / sector leaders
  • Carrying out in-depth and targeted interviews with sector experts (internal and external)
  • Developing a clear structure for the report, drafting the copy, and liaising with contributors over approval of quotes and related content;
  • Managing the design and production in keeping with your house style (working with our own design team or through your preferred supplier); and
  • Promoting the report to your target audiences, creating accompanying promotional materials, including media releases, blogs / editorial linking to the report, and social media posts.

Developing and delivering a managed blog/content programme

There are so many reasons for offering a blog feed on your website, not least as a simple way to keep your website and followers updated, boosting your search engine rankings (SEO), building rapport with your audience, and in establishing your expertise in the field. One of our most popular services for retained clients is a blog / content management programme, with the added option of a monthly newsletter service. This would include:

  • Creating a plan and schedule of regular blog content;
  • Identifying what content can also be shared through external media channels;
  • Drafting or editing content that will add value for the target audience while meeting the client’s objectives;
  • Developing suggested social media posts to promote the content; and
  • Summarising the content with the production and distribution of a monthly newsletter.

Strategic partnerships and collaborative projects

Clients often ask for our support in finding and building partnerships, which will enhance their services, extend their delivery or boost their brand positioning. Having worked with regulators, trade bodies, charities, consortia, suppliers, academic institutions, researchers and government bodies, our knowledge of the sector is unrivalled. We’re ideally placed to help you find and develop strategic partnerships that will help you achieve your goals. Our service includes:

  • Identifying potential partners that are a good fit with your organisation and will enable you to extend your outreach and/or enhance your profile/brand;
  • Facilitating introductions and approaches with selected partners;
  • Shaping partnership goals and tracking progress; and
  • Working closely with all parties and providing regular updates to keep everyone informed.

Social media management and delivery

Using social media channels to share news, comment on relevant sector developments and engage with your audience can be a great way to establish tone of voice, build brand and extend your audience. Our social media services differ from client to client, depending on who they wish to reach, what is their subject matter, how they hope their audiences will engage and what channels best meet their needs. This includes:

  • Developing a clear social media strategy and plan, identifying target audiences, channels, key messaging and more;
  • Managing day-to-day social media across multiple channels;
  • Delivering a regular feed of scheduled and spontaneous posts;
  • Engaging with and responding to followers and relevant sector news;
  • Engaging with specific followers to grow the audience base;
  • Monitoring social media search terms and competitors; and
  • Tracking audience engagement and follower figures.

Other services:

  • Media training
  • Branding, tone of voice & messaging
  • Copywriting
  • Case studies
  • Client and member communications (including email newsletters)
  • Design & production
  • Website development / management
  • Conference speaking placement
  • Award submissions

Working as a team of talented specialists, we pool the skills and support you need, giving you the best team and the most cost-effective approach to ensure great results.

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